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Jackie Brown: One Worth Betting on

Isaac Rexford ENG 1102M Spenser Simrill Jackie Brown: One Worth Betting On The film Jackie Brown begins with a predominant focus on Jackie herself, one of the film's main characters by a panning shot following Jackie in the first scene. Jackie's initial focus is very much related to the film's plot. As the plot develops, Jackie finds herself in the center of a situation where a guns sells man (Ordell) refuses to let Jackie run her mouth to the authorities, while the authorities already know all about Ordell's business and simply want a name from Jackie due to the fact they have been unable to arrest Ordell due to his unknown identity.But getting just a name is not that simple; and, Jackie's no fool. She hatches an intricate plot of her own not only to protect herself from the authorities and prevent future incarceration, but in order to steal Ordell's $500 thousand fortune. In a surprising turn of events, Jackie's ability to negotiate and get what is in her favor really demonstrates the power Jackie has invested in herself to get what she wants. Jackie's Trouble From The Start From the start the audience is made aware that Jackie had it in with Ordell the first time she is confronted by two detectives, Nicolet and Dargus.They take her in for questioning like normal, already having some knowledge of Ordell, but all they want from Jackie is a name. The camera itself emphasizes the scene with an array of close-ups of Jackie and the two detectives as they carry on this conversation in this first scene. The two parties, Jackie and the detectives, are battling back and forth; Jackie resisting their every attempt to seize information from her. This unfortunate meeting leads Jackie to meet a fellow named Max, who assists her in her real goal: getting Ordell's fortune.But for now she is happy to get the detectives off her back and on to her next problem: Ordell. The time finally arrives and one evening after a meeting with Max Jackie comes into a confrontation with Orde ll. Like stated earlier, Jackie is no fool and picked up a pistol from Max, if my suspicion’s correct, in case the conversation between her and Ordell became a little heated. In the confrontation the lights are off and the audience is not able to see a single thing; but the conversation between the two continues loud and clear. Jackie's Power Jackie's first show of power is shown in the scene where Ordell comes to â€Å"visit. Jackie had caught on that Ordell was the one who murdered Beaumont so she steals a pistol from Max. Above, a closeup is shown of Max just realizing his pistol had been taken. It is confirmed he knew it was Jackie at the time as he shows up knocking on her door the next day. This screen shot shows the true power of Jackie, that she is willing to do anything to get what she wants. In the split image, Jackie is seen in the darkness with Ordell's hand around her throat. At that moment she presses a gun steadily against Ordell's penis, as he says â€Å"It feels like a gun pressed against my dick. Later in the scene Jackie essentially interrogates Ordell, with a gun pointed to his face the entire time. The image above displays the transition of power between Jackie and Ordell, in this case Jackie stripping Ordell of his. Jackie continues to keep the gun pointed to Ordell as she, by change of plan, questions him instead. As it plays out, Ordell is now the one with a gun pointed to his dome and his hands up high in defense. Jackie astonishingly creates a turn of events from this scene alone; she essentially takes the authority from Ordell and places it in her own hands to aid in her own plot: getting Ordell's money.Jackie's methods of achieving this, however were the most cunning and sneaky among the best. Jackie really lures Ordell into a trap and uses the element of surprise to sneak the gun on him; at the time speaking with a soft voice, alleviating Ordell of all his suspicion so that he would come close to Jackie thinking she wasn't a threat; as it is shown he was terribly mistaken! As shown in the image above, Jackie sits with her feet facing away from Ordell and closed, with the gun in her hand, resting on her knees and the gun pointed straight ahead at Ordell.In conclusion, Jackie's persona is demonstrated very well in the character. Jackie really does serve as an example of a hard working black woman who's just trying to live comfortably in society. Furthermore, the film itself really helps the audience notice these facts, with its use of closeups and panning during eventful scenes in the film. Regarding this one select scene as the most important, the movie itself shows a transition of power and authority from the main characters who first held the authority like Ordell and Lewis for example, to characters like Jackie who hold the power up towards the end.

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Organization and Inequality in a Knowledge Economy - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 1 Words: 320 Downloads: 10 Date added: 2019/07/01 Category Finance Essay Level High school Topics: Income Inequality Essay Did you like this example? In the era of knowledge economy, having a huge amount of interest in knowledge is often taken for granted. For example, accountants, programmers, physicians, architects, and financial analysts all enjoy high levels of treatment and social status. Making money with creativity is the object of envy and admiration. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Organization and Inequality in a Knowledge Economy" essay for you Create order Thousands of people around the world work in their own garages, hoping that one day they will be like Bill Gates. Knowledge entrepreneurs have become the latest model. In the past, capitalists were criticized for exploiting labor to become rich, but now there is no new Mark private. It is another exploitation to explore whether or not to possess knowledge. Perhaps there should be no new mark private at all. One of the important pillars of the knowledge economy to maintain is not the intellectual property rights? But the problem still needs to be solved. How can people who make big money by knowledge have more feedback? In the past, the policy of the national balance gap was still effective, such as progressive income tax, minimum wage, and employment subsidy. There seems to be no answer, and the feasibility of the tentative suggestion is not optimistic. The book Unreal Paradise can be seen as a representative of this aspect, and it provides a profound review of the benefits of economic globalization claims. A description of the global market: Traders computers are constantly searching the global market, and once they discover the opportunity to start, global investors are constantly looking for low-cost, high-productivity, and maximum profits in the global economic system. This is a portrayal of the huge profits of those with the best technology and information. More importantly, these people do not give back to the community (whether local or home), but instead transfer funds to the areas with the least tax and the least regulation. The policy of national redistribution is not implemented by these people, or it is greatly discounted.

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Effects of Downsizing in the Field of Information Technology

Effects of Downsizing in the Field of Information Technology Companies are asking for more from their employees now than ever before. By downsizing and outsourcing, and otherwise changing the corporate world for their employees, Information Technology companies have fundamentally changed the relationship between the organization and its employees. Indeed, Information Technology companies are becoming more and more eager to implement a scaled-down version of their operations as a means by which to minimize expenditures and maximize profits. You have workers that are often difficult to train when willing, but are often unwilling to really work and earn their way (Torres C2-6). What is the impact of such significant downsizing to†¦show more content†¦Given the fact that the technological revolution has played an integral role in relation to the overall balance outcome, it can readily be argued that Samuelson places a significant amount of credit upon the companies that both create and utilize computer technology as a means by which to allow for modest increases in labor costs without raising prices (33). The author also credits corporate downsizing and good fortune (subsidized health spending, cheaper imports) as giving company executives the upper hand when it comes to stabilizing the job market. This, according to the author, is what has caused the domino influence when it comes to inflation, unemployment and the business cycle. Whats occurred in the United States is that companies have refashioned pay practices to cushion the conflict between rising wages and higher prices (Samuelson 33). Samuelson cites a study done by economists Lawrence Katz and Alan Krueger that addresses the natural rates decline with regard to a variety of worker segments, including older workers, temporary help and prison laborers. In examining the economists findings, Samuelson is quick to point out that estimating the natural rate involves much guesswork (33), indicating that Katz and Kruegers analysis is not based entirely upon factual data. The author continues on with his own assertion as to what the f uture holds for downsizing, unemployment and inflation, contending that even with the guaranteed existence ofShow MoreRelatedRelationship Between Layoffs And Voluntary Turnover1417 Words   |  6 PagesLayoffs and Voluntary Turnover As the world accelerates in advancements such as technology, the society is now capable of reaching greater heights in efficiency more than ever. The benefit of efficiency is not wasting any limited resources and time; however, it is not much so when business owners attempt to become more efficient by laying off their employees. In the business field, this strategy is called downsizing and it reduces the number of employees to operate the business more efficiently orRead MoreShortage Of Nurses And Healthcare Workers1439 Words   |  6 Pageshealth care field is getting more patients that are more difficult to take care of, which causes more staff to be needed. I think the nursing shortage is only going to get worse because the baby boomer generation is starting to age and will require more nursing care. Review of Literature In the 1900’s private and government reimbursement declined causing â€Å"many health care organizations, and hospitals to begin downsizing to achieve costRead MoreCareer Plan For Training And Career Development1384 Words   |  6 Pagesthe past few years, I have gone back and forth about what I wanted to do. There were several fields that were of interest to me but didn’t want to just settle for anything so I had to make a choice and determine what I thought was the best fit. Although I have adapted well to several different jobs, at this point in my life, I am in a place where I am able to pursue my ultimate career goals. Technology and assisting others learn intrigues me, motivates me, and I am starting to believe that thisRead More Outsourcing Essay1534 Words   |  7 Pagescontractors. IBM has outsourced their HRM department to a private contractor. Since its inception more than 20 years ago, IBM has been a leader in its field. Despite this success, over the course of the last several years, IBM has found that in order to keep itself competitive, corporate restructuring has been necessary. As such, practices such as downsizing and outsourcing have become quite popular for the company. In 2002 IBM signed a deal with Fidelitys Employer Services Company to outsource its HRMRead MoreQuestions On Human Resource Management1498 Words   |  6 Pagesare considered in the field. There are various factors such as technology and other such areas which influence Human Resources practices worldwide. Therefore, in this report I tried to show the issue that human resource management is facing and the challenges in their field how they solve it with completeness how important it is for the organization. THE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY IN THE WORKPLACE: OBJECTIVE The main objective of the study is to find Impact of Technology Advancement on Human ResourceRead MoreChange Management Is Important Part Of Any Company1702 Words   |  7 Pagesprofit the company and to improve the system. From the mid-2000s, change management has developed enduring landscapes for any organizations as if it’s related to business field or health care industry. In order to be in today’s competitive market; change management is very important part of any company (Aguirre Alpern 2014). Technology and advancements is rapidly expanding and changing working organizations’ everyday atmosphere. Due to economic changes many businesses are being obliged to merged orRead MorePersonal Swot Analysis1420 Words   |  6 PagesStrengths - Internal positive aspects that are under control and upon which you may capitalize in planning for a new career. These would include: †¢ Work Experience †¢ Education, including value-added features †¢ Strong technical knowledge within your field (e.g. hardware, software, programming languages) †¢ Specific transferable skills (e.g., communication, teamwork, leadership skills) †¢ Personal characteristics (e.g., strong work ethic, self-discipline, ability to work under pressure, creativity, optimismRead MoreUnderstanding Innovation Change in an Organisation Benefits of Change and Innovation Innovation1300 Words   |  6 PagesUnderstanding Innovation Change in an Organisation Benefits of Change and Innovation Innovation and change that is brought about by it can completely redefine the playing field, new products and services can be created/built/designed. It can add efficiency to current work processes and services and also has the potential to build a whole new market place. All of this should increase a company’s earnings, profitability and competitive advantages over others Some of the internal benefits of havingRead MoreOrganizational Behavior Analysis of Pluto Telecommunications1883 Words   |  8 Pages At present, Pluto Telecommunications has 173 employees remaining after a recent downsizing initiative, an alternative that have been commonplace in the industry in recent years. For instance, according to Fry, Barrett, Selling and Whitney (2002), Pluto Telecommunications (hereinafter alternatively Pluto or the company), like many other similarly situated enterprises competing in the increasingly high technology telecommunication industry have weathered great change in recent years (p. 167)Read MoreEnhancing the Mechanical and Thermal Efficiency of an Engine961 Words   |  4 PagesTo enhance the efficiency of Mechanical and Thermal is the major driver for the Engines team, owning to the requirement for continually reducing the CO2 output of the vehicles. Downsizing is the main focus, while friction reduction, pumping losses reduction and combustion efficiency are largely emphasized with the help of engine de-throttling. To support the supplied vehicle attributes, the Engines department should start to enact a target catalogue for the engine. The target catalogue should

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The International Bank For Reconstruction And Development...

Research and find one project of the World Bank or the IMF that created problems for the nation that received its assistance. Describe the project and what the negative outcomes were. Explain whether or not you feel that the negative impacts could have been avoided? Why or why not? Further explain your opinions on whether you believe that international financial institutions such as these could consistently provide assistance in an objective, unbiased and responsible manner. Why or why not? If you do believe it is possible, then how could it be ensured? Your paper should be at least 500 words in length. ANSWER INTRODUCTION THE WORLD BANK or the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) were created in 1944 by leaders of the 44 nations at the Bretton Woods Conference. The Bank was responsible for financing long term productive investment in member countries while the IMF was to provide loans to overcome short-term balance of payments deficits. Western leaders feared an unregulated world market would mean a return to depression, poverty and another world war. At Bretton Woods (located in New Hampshire, U.S.), â€Å"the decisive factor was the reality of American power.† With much of Europe destroyed by the Second World War, the U.S. was economically the world’s most powerful country; thus a U.S. vision prevailed at the conference and the World Bank and the IMF were created along U.S. lines. Unlike the U.N. alsoShow MoreRelatedInternational Bank For Reconstruction And Development1442 Words   |  6 PagesThe World Bank was origina lly established in 1944 by 28 countries as the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development with the aim of assisting and financing public development projects. In 2015 the World Bank Group is an umbrella organization of five parts with 187 member countries. While the Bank remains the largest such institution in operation, there are now so many other similar institutions that there are four subcategories to describe them: Multilateral Development Banks (used to describeRead MoreInternational Bank For Reconstruction And Development1442 Words   |  6 PagesThe World Bank was originally established in 1944 by 28 countries as the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development with the aim of assisting and financing public development projects. In 2015 the World Bank Group is an umbrella organization of five parts with 187 member countries. While the Bank remains the largest such institution in operation, there are now so many other similar institutions that there are f our subcategories to describe them: Multilateral Development Banks (used to describeRead MoreThe International Bank For Reconstruction And Development1680 Words   |  7 PagesEconomy Assignment 1. Economists roles The World Bank is an independent organization, made up of five different Institutions managed by their member countries. These institutions are: 1. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development 2. The International Development Association 3. The International Finance Corporation 4. The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency 5. The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes The World Bank has two main goals that they aim to achieveRead MoreInternational Monetary Fund ( Imf ) And The International Bank For Reconstruction And Development Essay1649 Words   |  7 PagesIn the early 1980s, an economic crisis swept across Sub-Saharan Africa. In an effort to revitalize the region, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), more commonly known as the World Bank, adopted resolutions that worked to ensure almost all countries of the subregion instituted programmes of economic reconstruction, described as â€Å"structural adjustment programmes† (SAP). This paper analyzes the most recent outbreak of Ebola in WestRead MoreContracting Ethics in Government Acquisitions1315 Words   |  5 Pagesnot limited to contracts for acquiring goods and services ADDIN EN.CITE Weitzel20061127(Weitzel and Berns, 2006)1127112717Weitzel, UtzBerns, SjorsCross-Border Takeovers, Corruption, and Related Aspects of GovernanceJournal of International Business StudiesJournal of International Business Studies786-8063762006Palgrave Macmillan Journals00472506 HYPERLINK l _ENREF_4 o Weitzel, 2006 #1127 Weitzel and Berns, 2006). It is very important that the agencies do acquireRead MoreIbrd698 Words   |  3 PagesThe International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (I.B.R.D) better known as the World Bank was established at the same time as the International Monetary Fund to tackle the problem of International investment in 1944. Since the I.M.F was designed to provide temporary assistance in correcting balance of payments difficulties, there was need of an institution to assist long term investment purposes. Thus I.B.R.D was established for promoting long term investment loans on reasonable terms. TheRead MoreThe Stystem Developed in the The Bretton Woods Conference862 Words   |  3 Pagesinstitutions, The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development [World Bank] and The International Monetary Fund (Stwenron, 1944). The conference set the standard of gold to $35.00 and selected the American dollar as the backbone of international exchange. The goal of the conference was to create a system through these financial institutes for economic co-operation and development leading to stable and robust global economy (International Monetary Fund, 2013). Role of World Bank: The ArticlesRead MoreThe International Monetary Fund And World Bank Group1644 Words   |  7 PagesThe International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank have had enormous impact upon the world’s economies since their inception, after World War II. Although each of these organizations has a similar history, their role, objectives and funding are unique. These Washington DC-based organizations have drawn more than their share fair share of criticism as well as praise. Modern nations require thoroughly understand of these organizations. TheRead MoreWorld Bank Reconstruction Role During The Leste s Creating Problems1222 Words   |  5 PagesWorld Bank reconstruction role in Timor-Leste creating problems (REFERENCE: The World Bank came to Timor-Leste in 1999, when the UN was still planning the intervention mission. The lack of attention given by the UN Transitional Administration in East Timor to economic development allowed the Bank to assume a central role. After the end of mass violence, the Bank and Fund visited Timor-Leste and conducted a joint assessment mission. ThisRead MoreRoles of International Financial Institutions1173 Words   |  5 PagesRoles of International Financial Institutions Marcus Jenkins MGT448 January 10, 2011 Paul Bogert Introduction When listening to the latest television report concerning global business news or world economics, names of financial institutions such as World Bank, International Monetary Funds, and Asian Development Bank may be the center of some discussion. A major player on the global forefront, international financial institutions function much differently from local neighborhood

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Mgr Assingment Free Essays

Economic Future: Key points – assuming you are a UK based company, the potential uncertainty n the Euro zone e. G. Countries leaving the Euro Zone, fluctuation with exchange rates. We will write a custom essay sample on Mgr Assingment or any similar topic only for you Order Now Proposed managerial planning objectives – Similar to the political future, keep abreast of potential changes and have contingency plans in placer e. G. A supplier could be based in Europe so the company could look at secondary supplier in the UK or a different country that may not be affected or lesser impact from any changes. Socio-cultural Future: Key points – changes in consumer buyer patterns linked to the point identified. Proposed managerial planning objectives – Keep up to date With he latest marketing information, closely monitor what the competitors are taking to market and what they are planning to take to market. Technology is fast moving so if the company is not on the forefront of the latest gadget there is a potential the organization will be left behind. This needs to link to the corporate strategy of where the business is evolving to and this needs to driven by key market data. Technological Future: Key points – being aware or leading the latest technological developments, knowing when to start and stop producing a technology Proposed managerial landing objectives – this needs to dictated by the corporate strategy, does the business what to be at the forefront of the technology evolution or slightly lagging where the market is better known and stable. One strategy is to diversify so part of the business is pushing the technology boundaries and another is manufacture products in a mature market. The business in the mature market can be viewed as a cash cow for the cutting edge business. The key is diversification so there are a number Of income streams and these can be strictly monitored to know when to enter or leave a market. Part 3 Innovation Management Background Logistic are acquiring a small high technology firm to allow them to move in the wearable technology market. The need for change is typically either: Environmental: competition, customer demands, etc. Internal forces: Meet company plans/goals, due to company problems, company needs etc. The reason/need for change with Logistic is the desire to move into the wearable technology market From the theory this will be regarded as a ‘Transformational Change†, I. . Involves the redesign and renewal of the total organization (Marcia, 2008) Considerations prior to acquisition: Need to determine whether the administration style and Corporate culture fit. Whether there are any major differences in values, beliefs or practices. If the above isn’t addressed it can cause stress and anxiety. Organiza tional development has three stages – unfreezing the organization, changing the organization and then refreezing the organization after all of the changes have been implemented. How to cite Mgr Assingment, Papers

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Explain key influences on personal learning processes on individuals free essay sample

The Kolbs experimental learning cycle helps us to understand how adults learn. Cognitive abilities are how people learn. Kolbs identified two pairs of opposite factors, when these are combined together they show a learning cycle with four different stages of learning, each staged has to be followed in the correct sequence. The four stages are: Concrete experience – the doing stage where you carry out/participate in an action/actions. Reflective observations – the reviewing or reflecting stage. You think about what you did/what happened during the concrete stage. Abstract conceptualisation – the concluding stage in relation to the concrete experience (called the theorising stage sometimes). It is the stages where you use all the information you have gained about the experience to organise your thoughts into some sort of order and make sense of the experience. Active experimentation – this is the planning or trying out stage. The important point here is that you tackle an aspect of the activity differently from the first time. Describe Honey and Mumford’s theory of learning styles: Learning styles Characteristics Preferred learning situation Less favourable learning situation Activist †¢ Like to be involved †¢ Like new ideas †¢ Lose interest quickly †¢ ’Jump first/think later’ mentality †¢ Like to dominate †¢ New experiences †¢ Working with others †¢ Taking the lead †¢ Taking on difficult tasks †¢ Listening e. g. lectures or when passive †¢ Doing things on their own †¢ Working to the ‘rules’ Reflectors †¢ Like to observe from the edge of a group †¢ Consider things from a range of different perspectives †¢ Collect information before drawing conclusions †¢ Let others contribute before they do †¢ Observing from the edge of a group †¢ Time to think before contributing †¢ Analysing †¢ Working without tight deadlines †¢ Taking a lead or performing in front of others †¢ No time to prepare in advance †¢ Facing the unexpected †¢ Feeling rushed or pressurised by deadlines Theorists †¢ Like to bring together different ideas to produce new ways of looking at things †¢ Think logically †¢ Like things to fit into an ordered scheme †¢ Often detached and remote rather than emotional †¢ Like the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in complex situations †¢ Work with abstract ideas †¢ Opportunities to question and probe for information and ideas †¢ Like a clear structure and purpose †¢ Cannot identify with different approaches taken by others †¢ Lack of structure or purpose †¢ Working with emotions and feelings of others Pragmatists †¢Like to experiment/try things out †¢ Seek feedback from others †¢ Practical, liking to get on with things rather than talk about them †¢ Relate things to their own role †¢ Clear link between thinking and what has to be done †¢ Opportunity to try things out †¢ Like new ideas that have clear benefits †¢ Happy to copy from role models †¢ Cannot identify the relevance of what has to be done †¢ No guidance on how to do things †¢ If benefits are unclear †¢ Focus is only on theory and does not include practical aspects A range of influences that might impact an individual’s learning are: Previous educational experiences Informal learning Culture Health Lifestyle Time Learning style Access to books, the Internet IT skills Family Funding for study Specific learning need Friends Skills are used in the personal and professional development of a healthcare student/worker: Literacy Use writing to record information accurately about service user care. Read carefully to understand information. ICT Use ICT for documents, ideas, obtaining information from the Internet, intranet and email. Numeracy Numeracy is important when: Giving medication understanding clinical data in lab reports Communicating complex data using charts. Questioning Use questions to gather information for your own learning from placements, peers and tutors. Observation Use informal observation for learning from work placements. Use formal observation when gathering information about skills, routines and procedures. Feedback Feedback comes from tutors, placement staff and service users. Use feedback to recognise the Internet, other people, using skills strengths and areas for and routines. Reflection Reflect in order to make sense of information from reading, observation, the internet and other people. Planning Use planning for: Setting targets, identifying actions, prioritising, monitoring progress Further learning Care plans Sources of support for learning: Source of support Type of support Teaching Sharing of new knowledge, facilitating development of new understanding Tutorials Support from specific subject tutors or for your whole programme from a personal tutor – a two-way exchange Feedback This tells you what you have achieved and gives specific and/or general guidance to help you improve your work next time Coaching Specific training for practical skills and improved performance Supervision When someone oversees your work in a practical situation Mentoring When an experienced person provides guidance and advice about your work Meetings Sharing, discussing ideas, making decisions Help with specific learning needs These might include language, literacy, numeracy, sensory impairment – access might be needed to specialist tutors, equipment etc Seminars

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Analytical Essay Sample on Time in the Film How to Manipulate the Audience

Analytical Essay Sample on Time in the Film How to Manipulate the Audience I love to watch movies because I love to be entertained. Movies provide an escape from reality by entering into another world. A world comprised of characters, some you like and some you do not, and a story, which if effective will grip you and take you in. Sometimes so much to the extent, the world around you disappears and you become mesmerized and captivated by the images and the scenes that unfold on the screen. Film is an art form, a representation or even a manipulation of reality. I selected Amores Perros for the purposes of this essay. I popped the cassette into the VCR without looking at the actual playing time of the movie. I wanted to see how the film makers used their ability to manipulate time to affect me and my experience. Following the guidelines, I will start by producing a quick summary of the film. The film revolves around three different stories all intertwined through one devastating automobile accident experienced from three alternate perspectives and times throughout the film. The film is a patchwork narrative meaning, â€Å"there is no central plot and no single-line character. Instead, one story begets another and the primary conceit is part-for-whole (synecdoche).† The film opens up with a chase scene leading into the accident involving the main character of the first section of the movie, Octavio. Octavio lives in a poor household with his brother and his wife, Suzanna, their baby, and their mother. Octavio’s struggle begins when he falls in love with Suzanna. He finds a means of making money through subjecting his dog into fighting and seeks to earn enough to take his husband’s wife and the baby away with him. After Suzanna abandons Octavio with his brother and the mon ey, the dog fighting ends up in a messy disaster corrupted with foul play. Octavio finds himself in a violent car chase involving thugs of the dog fighting world. This leads up to the crash. The second section of the film involves a man named Daniel who leaves his family to pursue a life with his mistress, Valeria, a supermodel. He purchases an apartment for them to live together but their lives are quickly thrown in disarray when the model is hit by a speeding car racing through a red light, Octavio’s. Valeria is left in a wheelchair with her leg highly disfigured. Turmoil begins in their relationship when her dog disappears through the floorboards, and frustration of not being able to walk nor rely on her beauty kicks in. After a medical oversight the model’s leg is amputated and Daniel begins to wonder how his life unfolded in such disillusion. This leads us into the third part of the movie involving an ex-con man, El Chivo, in search of the strength to talk to his daughter whom he abandoned when she was two. El Chivo lives in a shanty home with several dogs as his family. Desperately seeking money, El Chivo acts as a hired hit-man. About to kill, he observes the brutal car crash between Octavio and Valeria. Racing to the scene he finds Octavio’s dog and rescues and nurtures it back to health. He leaves do go commit a murder only to return home to find Octavio’s dog covered in blood after mauling and killing every one of El Chivo’s dogs. This sparks some changes in El Chivo’s life, including a call to his daughter. As the three stories unfold they overlap and intertwine on many occasions within the film. Attached to the essay, is a graph of the dramatic structure of the film. It is separated into three divisions based on the three alternate story lines. Each line marked with the letter C represents the car crash on the three different occasions during the film. The movie as well as each story begins by witnessing the accident from a different perspective thus correlating with high viewer interest. The stories through sequences which flash back in time and disregarding a linear time structure capture events which raise the intensity of the film over elapsed time, until once again the crash is experienced. The lines marked S are the story’s time line of major events which build up intensity until the climactic crash scene. However the storylines are interrupted with quick scenes from the other storylines not to build intensity but to familiarize the audience with the characters whom are going to appear. Often a black screen appears for this transition to occur. In doing this the linear timeline is compromised completely, however the elapsed time continues while the viewer’s interest increases, pauses as the movie takes on a new story and then increases again while the movie returns to the rising excitement of the story being focused on. In the third and final story the movie comes to a closure just as each of the first two stories had previously done. However the sequences of the alternate storylines are higher in viewer interest than the alternate sequences in the main storylines for the first part of the film, because as time has progressed all three story are concluding. As I mentioned earlier, because our focus is on time in the cinema, I decided to put on Amores Perros without looking at the playing time. While I was watching the movie from an objective standpoint I noticed that I had no idea what time it was or how long the movie was going on. The physical projection time of the movie was 153 minutes, but the psychological time for the characters and me as the viewer far exceeded that. As for the psychological time of the characters, it was hard to construct the dramatic timeline in which the story unfolds in. Throughout the story each character goes through life altering events in a short span of time which affects their psychological time. The struggles the characters go through as for anyone who would go through such events, destroy their concepts of time as their worlds crumble and their lives take on new ordeals. Their patterns of daily life disintegrate and these new challenges consume the lives of these characters. As everything is thrown i nto disarray their past become faint memories of a different life. For these characters the grind of their present everyday environments is all that matters. As a viewer the experience of time is much different than that of the characters. The extent to which the life changing events have on the characters, draws out the psychological experience for the viewer miraculously. For the viewer, everything that takes place is so significant that the time seems to span far longer than the actual duration in which the film is running. Adding to this effect is the formula of the â€Å"forking paths† and the multiple storylines. The viewer is forced to go back in time after the completion of one character’s story to play out the events from an alternate character in the time that has already passed in the film. This technique, manipulates the viewer to disregard real time and consume themselves with the events on the screen. As each storyline intersects with one another the time seems to be moving in endless cycles. Two principle methods of temporal manipulation employed in the film are condensed and suspended time. The most common formula for films is the simple story formula, which involves a hero and his or her plight through an array of obstacles. â€Å"This formula may sound basic, but huge numbers of excellent movies have used it.† It also explains why condensed time was essential in the creation of this movie. By no means has Alexandro Gonzalez Inarritu directed a simple film formula. However in each separate story he focuses on individuals who experience an array of life changing events and pass through many obstacles along the way. Each of these stories exists on their own but are connected through one fated car accident, allowing the director to fit three stories into one film. In doing this, he must also ensure that the audience will have an emotional connection to each of the main characters in the film. In addition for the film to be successful each story must be able to exis t as its own entity. To do so, he has condensed time between scenes filled with constant energy and constant infliction on the characters. He does this using several techniques. The most simplistic method used by the director to condense time is, cutting out sequences that must exist for the scene to unfold. An example can be seen at the beginning of the chase scene where Octavio is running from the thugs. It shows the altercation which leads up to the chase, with Octavio getting a head start on his pursuers by foot as he approaches his car. The next shot then jumps into the car as the chase has begun. The action as well as the time that passes in between has been condensed. Another technique the director uses to condense time is the three alternate storylines. Although the movie is separated into three distinct parts and stories, the characters are intertwined throughout the whole film. By showing snippets of the characters throughout the entire film, he allows for condensed time b y reverting back to intense scenes in the main story, while time has progressed in between. He does this exceptionally as the film is riddled with excitement throughout each of the three stories. As a divergent film, Amores Perros uses â€Å"more than one story line and/or sets of characters that may intersect.† With the multi-layered film the director is able to create suspended time. While the other story lines are previewed, the main storyline jumps through scenes or time is suspended by viewing from where it was left off. Inarritu uses different techniques to alter the linear progression of time within this movie. Time is suspended while the different characters exist and live through the same time sequence. As the characters do not interact with one another the same time sequence is shown on several different occasions for the viewer. Time progresses for the audience yet the director manipulates the time on the screen by jumping backwards and forwards on a linear time se quences through the different characters and the events that surround them. On numerous occasions time in the film is suspended while this is occurring. In this film I think it is clearly evident that the soundtrack affects the temporal manipulation of the audience, as well as externalizing the characters’ feelings. Looking into two distinct scenes in the film, the love making scene, and the car chase provide succinct evidence of this. During the scene where Octavio is making love to Suzanna the music is soft and passionate. For the viewer the music aids the perception of time to slow it down. The music differentiates the pace and tempo of this scene from the rest of the film. The love making is drawn out and seems to lapse for longer than many of the other scenes. This correlates with both Octavio’s and Suzanna’s emotional experience during the scene. The car chase is accompanied by intense and fast music, working similar to the love scene only on the opposite end of the spectrum. Where this scene is meant to be intense and exciting the music gets harder and more exhilarating and the experience for the viewer ch anges. The music builds up as the scene and excitement build up as Ocativo’s life dangles in the mix. The scene elicits the response of being much faster than the love scene as the ordeal seems much quicker than that of the love scene. The film provides insight to the nature of time with its multiple strand formula. The three different storylines provide the viewer with the insight of the enormity of time itself. The experience allows the viewer to see the impact of time on an array of characters and events and the after effects which follow. It is through the progression of time that both chaos and order take form. This is exemplified as the characters have no prior contact with one and other before the fated car accident and no further contact following. It is through coincidental timing that the lives of all the characters are greatly affected. The impact of the nature of time is exhibited through each separate storyline.